The last few days have been tempestuous to say the least and, in fact, the Met Office has just issued rare red weather warnings today (February 18th) that Storm Eunice will be bringing extremely strong winds with her and continued disruption for much of the country throughout the day.

Some coastal areas could even see gusts of wind in excess of 90mph, which could have significant impacts for many in these regions, as well as representing a risk to life.

There is also an ongoing risk of disruption to power, travel and other such surfaces. Damage is also expected for buildings and trees, and some parts of the UK could even see possible blizzard conditions. Up to 20cm of snow is possible in the Pennines, for example.

Warnings have been issued that strong winds provide the potential for flying debris, damage to structures and coastal flooding, so it might be a good precaution to check your flood risk and sign up for flood warnings, so you can be properly prepared.

Now’s also a good time for you to check your care home insurance cover to make sure you’ll be compensated if you are affected by Storm Eunice – or other such events in the future.

It could also prove beneficial to go around the perimeter of your site and make sure any and all gates are locked, that fences, trees and bushes are all secure and that any damaged tree branches are removed before the winds hit.

If your care home does sustain damage of some kind over the next few days or so, get in touch with your insurance company as soon as you can. Don’t undertake any repair work or employ a contractor until you’ve been through everything with your insurer.