Buying effective, affordable motor fleet insurance can at times be a complex balancing act. You need to ensure that costs are kept to an acceptable level, but at the same time ensure that the needs of your drivers, vehicles and business are all met.


The good news about fleet insurance is that because it is all in one place, you do not need to deal with several different providers or policies if you want to make a change, and thus the savings can often be magnified.


As well as this, there are a growing number of ways that businesses can use to help reduce their premiums each month. Here are some of the most effective ways to save money on your premiums in the new year.

Install A Black Box


A recent trend in domestic car insurance, especially for younger drivers, a telematics device (known as a black box), as well as a vehicle tracker can not only be important safety and security features but also help seriously reduce premiums.


They allow for a more detailed analysis of how fleet drivers take care of their vehicles and help to ensure premiums stay low. Dashboard cameras can work as well to check driving etiquette.


Install An Immobiliser


Aside from driving behaviour, the nature of a particular fleet business can also increase premiums, particularly if your business is responsible for expensive cargo or equipment that is at risk of robbery.


Adding an immobiliser and alarm to a van will help provide that vital deterrent that stops thieves from taking a risk to steal.


Know What Options To Take


Part of what makes insurance so expensive is the extra coverage offered by providers. Some of these can be essential depending on the type of business you run, but in other cases can be an unnecessary expense.


Misfuelling cover, for example, may not be necessary if the fleet is only refuelled at their headquarters, and windscreen replacement cover may over the long term be more expensive than paying to repair the window through a third party.