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If youve made the move to strike out on your own as a tradesman, it can be an exciting and exhilarating adventure. Youre your own boss, you can work when and for whoever you want, and manage your business however suits you best.

But before you start filling your order book and taking on clients, you must ensure you have adequate business insurance. No matter the precautions you take, things can, and will, go wrong sometimes, and it is a good idea to ensure you are prepared.

But tradesmancovers a very wide range of trades and skills, and it is important to ensure you have the right insurance policy to protect you and your business. Lets have a look at three jobs that can benefit from tradesmen insurance.


Builders must have adequate insurance to cover a number of things that can happen on-site or as a result of their work. Public liability insurance is essential to protect construction staff from financial consequences which could occur if a member of the public were injured because of the work.

Builders should also ensure their insurance policy covers the damage and theft of tools and stored materials.

Window cleaners

As well as insurance that can cover increased costs of working, and protect tools and vehicles against theft, window cleaners can pose a risk to the public, as passers-by could be hurt if something was dropped from a height, or if they slip in a puddle of water, meaning public liability insurance is a must.

Tree surgeons

Similar to the above trades, it is essential to get cover for tools, equipment, and vehicles, as well as public liability insurance. Adequate tree surgeon insurance will also cover contamination and pollution caused by work being carried out.

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