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Car insurance protects not only yourself but other road users as well.

It is a legal requirement to have some form of third-party vehicle insurance, which covers you if you have an accident that causes damage to property or injury to another person.

However, if you are a business that uses several vehicles to do business, it can save you time and money to set up fleet insurance.

As well as this, it is possible to have any person who holds a UK driving license and meets your insurance criteria drive your vehicles without having to be specifically added to the policy.

This particular type of insurance covers multiple vehicles in the name of the company, or any of its partners and directors.

Typically you need at least two vehicles to apply for fleet insurance, although typically fleets this small are only covered by specialists and can range into the thousands for larger commercial freight and taxi companies.

There is a wide range of vehicles that can be covered by a fleet insurance policy, but it is important to check which specific vehicles are covered under a policy that specifies “any vehicle”.

Typically, cars which are high in value and expensive to repair are more difficult to get onto a fleet policy, such as supercars and classic cars. As well as this, some providers may not cover construction vehicles such as excavators and forklift trucks.

Generally, fleet insurance covers a range of transportation-based business purposes, such as haulage, couriers, private hire and other similar needs.

Covid-19 Business Interruption Ruling

A new ruling by the Supreme Court will help thousands of business interruption insurance policyholders recover from the financial ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting closures. The ruling was issued on 15th January 2021. 
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