There’s no denying that there’s a certain English charm about a property with a thatched roof but, as beautiful as they are, it’s essential that homeowners know what they’re doing when it comes to maintenance and upkeep to ensure that the roofing stands the test of time and doesn’t need replacing sooner rather than later.

There are certain issues that can affect thatched roofs, including the potential for leaks (which can appear across all areas of the roofing) and compaction, which needs to be effective to ensure the roof remains watertight and weather resistant. Without this, you can find yourself having to deal with rotting, wind damage, leaks and so on.

This is also why it’s so essential that you find the best thatched house insurance quote available, so you know you have the cover in place should something go wrong. Insurance rates can be a lot higher for thatch than other materials, mainly down to the fire risks involved.

In terms of maintenance, make sure you keep a close eye on your roof throughout the year but especially after the winter months – so now’s the perfect time to review it and see if there are any potential issues.

To keep it in good condition, keep any trees or plants in your garden well pruned so that sun and wind can reach the roof and allow it to dry out. And don’t assume that just because it looks like it’s in good condition that there are no problems – calling out a thatcher to check it over regularly is certainly a wise idea.

Signs that there may be an issue include being able to see the fixings on the ridge, lines on the coatwork, moss and lichen on the surface and cement or lead flashings coming away from the chimney.