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If you’re keen to renovate your property but want to avoid the costs that come with correcting mistakes or accidental damage during the work, then you’re likely to need renovation insurance. It may be the peace of mind you need when creating your ideal property.

Who is Just Quote Me?

Just Quote Me is a company dedicated to securing business and personal insurance. The team of independent brokers has nearly 30 years of industry experience and have placed cover for both local and national businesses.

What is renovation insurance?

Renovation insurance is necessary for providing properties protection for the home while it is being upgraded and renovated. The insurance covers the existing structure as well as the materials and new work that is completed. It can cover tools, equipment and plant machinery on site during the renovation.

What are the benefits of using Just Quote Me?

  1. The insurance you need

It recognises that under regular home insurance, any injuries obtained during renovation is not covered in the policy. Even the builder’s public liability insurance can mean that claiming is a long process, difficult to determine and might not cover you if there is no proof that work is negligible.

  1. The best deals

The company is made up of independent brokers, which means that the team searches insurance providers to find you the best deal. It also saves you the time it takes to search for yourself and uses their expertise to filter out to the least desirable deals.

  1. Instant documentation

The policy documents are emailed to you instantly, so there is no need to wait for paperwork to come in the post. This means they make the whole process quicker and more efficient.

  1. Three simple steps

The approach we take is in three simple steps. 1) You complete online forms and receive an instant online quote. 2) We use quick quote forms for the customer to explain their needs. 3) Just Quote Me will then come back to you with the most appropriate insurance.

  1. Trusted and accredited

Just Quote Me is a member of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association which validates our business as a reputable and knowledgeable company.

Do you have any questions about Home Renovation Insurance?

If you would like a FREE renovation insurance quote that’s tailored to your unique needs, call Just Quote Me on 0800 084 2325 or use our quick quote form. Visit for more information.