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Get A Builders Public Liability Insurance Quote Today!

At Just Quote Me our Quick Quote facility allows anyone to compare Builders Insurance or Building Company Insurance in a few minutes.  You will get some of the best rates and covers available in the UK today.

What Insurance do Builders and Building Companies need?

Builders and Building Companies need Builders Public Liability Insurance, Builders Employers Liability Insurance and then after these two core covers they can also add other insurances such as:

  • Tools cover including overnight cover
  • Goods In Transit Insurance
  • Full Contractors ALL Risks Cover

Having this extra cover helps you to cover your tools and materials in trade whilst working on a project or job where you are responsible for the work in progress and signed off. Many Builders either don’t insure this risk or are not fully aware of what this cover insures and if they haven’t been advised correctly, then they may not be correctly insured and potential loss could be very expensive and time consuming.

Our Builders Insurance experts are at hand following initial contact or quote to fully advise you of what covers are right for your specific company or individual needs so contact us today and get the right cover for the right premiums.

Get A Builders Public Liability Insurance Quote Today!

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