Running your own consulting business brings many rewards. You are your own boss, it is challenging, and you have a sense of achievement and making a big difference for the lives of your clients. However, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are or even how capable, when you are advising other professionals often, things do not go as you have planned them. This may leave you in financial distress unless you have the protection of consultant insurance.

Consultant insurance: Who is it for, and why might you need it?

So, what is this type of insurance for, and why might you need it? Well, let’s answer those questions right now.

As a consultant, you have clients relying on your advice. Clients rely on you getting things right when you advise them. However, mistakes can happen, no matter how careful you plan.

Additionally, there is a risk that a disagreement may crop up, even if it is unjustified. It could end up in court and costing you and your business dearly. This is where insurance comes into its own.

In short, anyone who advises others on a professional level can benefit from taking out cover.

There are many reasons why you might need to fall back on insurance for a financial helping hand.

  • You could unintentionally give the wrong advice and be subject to a claim
  • You might be the victim of a ransom cybercrime targeting sensitive client data
  • A client might suffer an accident on your premises and claim for damages
  • A client’s computer or other equipment could suffer damage because of your advice and take you to court.

Let Just Quote Me find your consultant insurance

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