Electric vehicles are here to stay. As companies realise the benefits of running electric vehicles, there are more and more electric car and van fleets being built. But when it comes to insurance for these vehicles, what do you need to know?

Cost Of Insurance For Electric Vehicles

Currently, it is a little more expensive to insure an electric vehicle. The reasons for this are that there is not a lot of data about electric cars which leads insurers to be more cautious. The instant acceleration you can get in an electric vehicle is also of concern for insurers. However, most people in the industry fully expect that prices will drop quickly. So it is worth looking around every year when you need a new policy as you will probably be able to get a good discount.

You won’t get electric car insurance with all insurers yet. Some are being a little slow on the uptake with electric cars. Some specialist insurers are offering incentives to insure your electric vehicle with them.

Can You Get Fleet Insurance For Electric Cars?

Fleet insurance is a good way to save money if you run a number of vehicles. You can keep all your vehicles and drivers on one policy, even if the renewal dates are different. There are companies offering insurance, especially for electric fleets. Ther are some that will offer a standard policy but are willing to have electric vehicles on it. When you look into these policies, you have to be very careful that you get the right sort for your vehicles. They do exist, but you might have to do some digging.

Get A Quote For Electric Car And Van Fleets

When it comes to getting the cheapest deal, you’ll be best served by going through an insurance broker. Just Quote Me has the knowledge and contact to find you the best deal. They can often get you deal that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. To see what they can get for your electric car and van fleets contact them today.