Multiple Vehicle Insurance

Multiple Vehicle Insurance

If you run multiple vehicles, then it may be cheaper to get them all insured on a single policy. There will also be less paperwork to deal with, and it can make renewals more straightforward. If you don’t have multiple vehicle insurance yet then here is everything you need to know.

Types Of Multiple Vehicle Insurance

There are a few different types of multiple vehicle policies to choose from. There are policies for both personal and business situations. You can get policies that allow separate drivers to have their own policies fro the same car. You can have the same drivers on multiple cars, or you can have a group of individual drivers on their own individual vehicles. Getting the right option for your situation can save you both money and hassle.

Who Is Multiple Vehicle Insurance Good For?

If you live in a household that runs multiple cars, then you should get them all on a single policy. You can have multiple drivers on each of the cars so you can have maximum flexibility.

If you have several drivers who use the same car, you can insure them separately, within a single policy. This means that if one driver has an accident, then the price for the others is not affected, but you still get the group discount.

If you are a business with a small fleet of cars, each driven by a specific driver, then you should take advantage of a group policy. It lowers costs and streamlines the process of managing your insurance.

Getting A Quote

If you don’t have multiple vehicle insurance yet, you should get a quote today. You can start saving money straight away. You don’t even have to add all the vehicles at once. Most policies will allow you to have different renewal dates for each vehicle. So, find out how much money you could be saving now with Just Quote Me.

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