When planning a wedding, no one wants to think about the things that could go wrong. The reality is that disasters can strike and impact your dream day. Wedding insurance can help to protect you from sudden cancellations, a damaged wedding dress or stolen gifts. While every wedding couple hopes they will never need wedding insurance; it can provide peace of mind. This is because you will be protected should things go wrong, and you won’t lose out on the money you have spent.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Insurance for a wedding covers for circumstances beyond a couple’s control. It can mean that you aren’t left out of pocket if something goes wrong, and your insurance policy will reimburse you. For example, if your DJ doesn’t turn up and you book a last-minute one on the day for three times the price. Or your reception venue goes out of business just before the big day, and so you lose your deposit. Wedding insurance can protect against these kinds of financial loses.

Types Of Insurance For Weddings

All kinds of insurance can be complicated because there are many conditions and clauses to consider. When it comes to wedding insurance, there are two types;

  • Liability: This protects you should there be any accidents or injuries during the wedding. Some venues require couples to have this cover, so be sure to find out.
  • Cancellation: This will cover you for all the money spent on the wedding if it should be cancelled. Almost all insurance policies of this type only cover for cancellations that are out of your control. This is because they do not cover change of heart.

Are You Looking For Wedding Insurance?

Many couples choose to invest in insurance so that their wedding is covered should something happen. Here at Just Quote Me, we can help you to find the insurance policy for your wedding. Get in touch with our team of experts today to receive your free no-obligation quote.