There is more pressure for businesses to consider their environmental impact. Converting to an electric fleet is an easy change to make. It is good for the environment and your bottom line. Currently, 7.3% of newly registered cars are alternate fuels cars, and this number looks to be rising. If you have already made the change or are preparing to, then let us help you with our electric vehicle fleet insurance.

The Benefits Of Electric Vehicle Fleet Insurance

There are many advantages to getting electric fleet vehicle insurance; here are few to consider.

  • Single Policy, Many Vehicles – No one likes paperwork. By only having one policy for your whole fleet, you will drastically cut down on the paperwork you need to do and track.
  • Single Renewal Date – With one policy to cover your whole fleet, you only have to consider your insurance once each year. If each of your vehicles is insured separately, then you need to keep track of all the dates.
  • Flexibility – With traditional car insurance changing and adding drivers can be timeconsuming and costly. With fleet insurance, the process is simplified and affordable.
  • Comprehensive Cover – Getting fleet insurance will make sure that all your cars are fully covered. This will protect your business, your employees and the public.
  • Lower impact Claims – If you have to claim against one of the vehicles in your fleet, the cost on your premiums will be spread over the whole fleet. This will reduce the overall impact of a claim on your finances.

Who Is It For?

Fleet insurance is for businesses with more than one vehicle. If you have two or more electric vehicles that you use for commercial purposes, then this is the insurance for you. Any electric vehicles can be covered, not just cars.

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