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The number of electric cars in the Uk has been steadily rising. In the third quarter of 2019, over 220,000 new electric vehicles were registered. With traditional car manufacturing hit by COVID-19, it is highly likely that that number is going to skyrocket, once the world is up and running again. All these cars need to be insured. If you are thinking about becoming an electric car driver, then you should consider getting electric vehicle insurance, instead of standard car insurance.

Why Get Electric Vehicle Insurance?

Electric cars are not the same as traditional cars. They have different strengths and weaknesses, and insurance for them should reflect that. You expect your car insurance to have provision for broken windshields, accidental damage and theft. But, have you considered the other issues that affect an electric car only?

Battery Leasing – Some electric cars are cheaper because you don’t buy the battery outright, you instead lease it from the manufacturer. This is an added complication if there are issues with your car. With electric vehicle insurance you know you are getting coverage from a provider that is prepared to deal with this sort of situation

Emergency Recharging – New drivers of electric cars sometimes struggle to manage the range. Planning routes between charging points can be a challenge. For peace of mind, you might want to have cover if you run out of charge. So you can get an emergency charge.

Charging Cable Accidents – What happens if someone trips over you charging cables and gets injured? Your insurance should cover you in the event of such an accident.

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