Few things are more evocative of the English countryside than a thatched roof. Around 20% of the listed building in the UK have thatched rooves. However, it is not only old houses and cottages that are sporting thatched roof. They are becoming increasingly popular in new builds. After all, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly building material. It looks great too. However, if you are considering buying a home with a thatched roof, you need to take into consideration the extra cost of getting thatched home insurance.

Why Is Thatched Home Insurance More Expensive?

A few factors affect the price of insurance for a thatched home.

Fire Risk – The problem is not that thatched homes catch fire more often than any other type of home. The problem is how fast the fire can spread. If a thatched roof catches fire, it will most likely all go up in flames. The same is not true for a tiled home. So because the scale of a fire is likely to be larger, this will raise the insurance costs.

Rebuild Cost – When you get an insurance quote the amount you will pay id based on how much it would cost to rebuild you home. Thatched rooves are a specialist feature. This means getting an artisan to reroof your home will cost more than a more standard tile finish. This pushes up the cost. Hopefully, as thatched properties increase in popularity, there may be more tradesmen, and the prices will come down.

Listed Status – around 75% of thatched homes are listed properties. If this is true of your home, then it will cost more to insure, for this reason, nevermind the thatch.

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