Running your own tanning salon is a dream for many and is an excellent business venture. Before setting out to open your own salon, you’ll need to consider the unique set of risks that come with this industry. Sun beds come with their concerns, and because they are part of your business, you will need to address these. Solariums sun bed insurance can help protect you should something go wrong. Knowing what insurance you need and where to get it is often confusing.

What Solariums Sun Bed Insurance Is Required?

Because sun beds can pose risks to both customers and business premises, there are various insurance options to consider. The types of insurance you will need will depend on the size and scope of your business. Whether you choose to buy your own sun beds or rent them from a supplier, you need to make sure they are covered. Because most standard contents insurance won’t cover sun beds or solariums, you may need to find specialist insurance.

Solarium sun bed insurance will be designed to specifically cover against the risks of sun beds, including fire, theft and flood. In addition to protecting the equipment in your salon, you will also need to protect your customers. Because sun beds come with risks, you may need public liability insurance. This cover will protect against any legal costs that may incur if a claim is made against you because of injury to a customer.

Where To Get Solariums Sun Bed Insurance

Sun beds are a fairly specialist area, and because of this specialist insurance is often required. Not all insurance companies will offer solariums sun bed insurance. Here at Just Quote Me, our team of experts can help you to find the right policies to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on getting to know your business, in order to recommend the best options.

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