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If you are using any heavy machinery either owned or hired, then you will need heavy plant machinery insurance. This includes machinery such as concrete mixers, forklifts, diggers, cranes and rollers.

Theft and vandalism of this type of equipment is unfortunately surprisingly common, so making sure it is all insured is vital. Heavy plant machinery insurance isn’t generally included as standard as part of contractors insurance, so you may need to consider it separately. Alternatively, talk to an insurance broker, such as Just Quote Me, who can bundle it with other insurance to give you the best deal.

What does heavy plant machinery insurance cover?

You can tailor heavy plant insurance to the equipment you need to cover. You would expect all the machinery to be covered in the event of theft or vandalism. Protection in against break down from wear and tear is also expected. This should provide protection in the event of weather-driven damage. For large machinery, you should expect there to be cover in the event that your vehicle overturns in rugged terrain.

There should also be coverage that protects you in the event of specialised issues. The more specialised the equipment, the more specific the cover should be. For instance, you would expect a crane to have a special clause that applies to boom failure.

Are you looking for heavy plant machinery insurance?

Depending on the machinery that you use, you might need very specialised insurance. For this reason, you need to talk to an experienced insurance broker.  Just Quote Me are used to working with professionals from a wide range of businesses. Their experience will be invaluable in finding jus the right cover for your job. They will discuss your needs with you before arranging a policy. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have the cover you need. Get in touch today to see what they can do for you.


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