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Some businesses require an extra level of security. Security insurance protects the business in a bespoke way with policies to suit the business type. What is Security Company Insurance, and do you need it?

Security Company Insurance is protecting the premises and data. It also includes everything in the premise from damage, theft or loss. Therefore, it covers everything from security alarms to shop guards, car parks and offices. You have to make sure security breaches are not going to devastate your business.

What does Security Insurance include?


Firstly, inefficiency covers you if there is a basic failure to perform security tasks. This is covering you if something goes wrong and it’s because of issues outside of your control. It’s impossible to guard against every possible issue. Therefore it’s unique insurance to the security sector.

Changing the locks

People lose their keys all the time. And if you’ve lost your company keys or they’re stolen, or in the wrong hands, you’ve got a security threat. Therefore, you need to cover yourself and the cost of replacing the locks and getting new keys made. This can be hugely costly and so worth considering.

Phone misuse

Security company insurance covers you against company phone misuse. This includes when fraudsters ring the public claiming to be you. In addition to this, it covers you if your employees are using the phones for personal calls, which can be costly, especially if the call requires an extra fee.

Employee and public liability insurance

Finally, employee and public liability insurance cover all your employees and anyone who comes onto your premise. Accidents occur everywhere, and insurance covers you if anyone were to make a claim following an incident.

At Just Quote Me, highly experiences professionals in the security industry can help put together a bespoke policy for you. They understand the individual nature of each client.

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