Solar farms are now a common sight. They are great at renewable energy. However, with such useful and essential technology, it’s important to protect it. Getting commercial and domestic insurance can help safeguard your farm against natural and abnormal threats and solar farm insurance is no different.

Solar farms usually cover between an acre and 100 acres of land. It’s great that you have decided to take the initiative to create a renewable energy farm. However, you’re going to need insurance. Why do you need insurance?

Potential breakdown

If you’re starting your farm, chances are the substantial amount of profit won’t come until later. Therefore, before you’re making profits, if there is substantial damage to the solar panels and they need replacing, then you’re likely to need to pay huge lump sums. By having insurance, your insurance provider can help settle the costs.

Employer or public liability

This protects you or anyone who is at risk in and around the farm. Accidents do happen, especially when dealing with items at a great height or weight.

Damaged cells

You need to work hard to keep your solar panels clean and in working order. There are risks such as fire, hail and storm damage that you should consider. It’s normally included standard. However, you’d probably want to consider the loss of income if there is damage and the farm needs to halt for a while.

Solar farm insurance

Just Quote Me are dedicated to finding the right insurance for you, that suits your needs and budget. As well as offering solar farm insurance, there are options to develop schools, local authority projects and domestic developments. We want to protect you and your renewable investment.

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