Living in a thatched property comes with many benefits. You can enjoy a beautiful atmosphere like no other and the unique nature of your home makes it a talking point. However, investing in a property with a thatched roof does come with some additional concerns and requirements. Properties with thatched roofs need very specialised home insurance. This is to ensure the roof is fully protected and covered by the insurance. Thatched home insurance is specialised due to the additional risks of having a thatched roof.

Should a problem occur to a thatched roof, the costs to fix it are much higher than a regular roof. Insurers of thatched homes also expect you to provide evidence that the roof is properly maintained and risks are kept to a minimum. Another additional point to keep in mind is that most thatched properties are also very old and many are listed buildings, and this too, comes with additional insurance requirements. Should something in a listed building be damaged, the owners are legally required to return it to as close to its former state as possible.

Choosing Thatched Home Insurance

When you have a thatched roof the number of insurance policies you have to choose between is limited. This is when you compare your choices to regular home insurance. You should also be prepared for it to cost more than regular home insurance. However, there are a number of providers so you can still look at different options and find the right cover for your property. It is also essential you do all you can to minimise the risks a thatched roof comes with, as your insurer may ask for evidence of this.

Minimising Fire Risk and Other Thatched Roof Concerns

Thatched roofs are more likely to be a fire risk than regular roofing. It is important, therefore, that you put additional fire precautions in place including:

  1. Electrical wiring and chimney checking provided by professionals
  2. Have fire-resistant barriers and fire-retardant spray on your roof
  3. Position smoke detectors both in the roof space and around your property

Other common risks of thatched properties include bird and rodent infestation. Winds can also pose a risk if the roof is not properly maintained. It is important to have a regular maintenance schedule. It is also helpful to find and work with experienced professionals should you need repairs.

Thatched Home Insurance Quotes

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