When looking for a new home insurance policy or arranging your insurance for the first time, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Exploring home insurance quotes online is a great place to start so you can get a good feel for your options and at Just Quote Me we can help out too. First though, keep these considerations in mind so you can make the right decision when exploring your quotes.

Building and Rebuilding Costs

As a homeowner, buildings insurance is almost always a necessity. Most mortgage companies will not approve your application without buildings insurance in place. It provides protection should something terrible happen to your home such as flood or fire damage. Buildings insurance requires you to estimate the rebuild cost of your home. It is best to get expert advice for this to ensure you do not overestimate and end up paying too much for this part of your insurance.

Contents and Valuables

Working out how much home insurance you need is essential for getting the right amount of cover. We can help you with this and there are various contents calculators online too. Underestimating your contents value can be devastating should you need to make a claim.

What’s more, if you have specific valuables then they may need specific insurance such as valuable items cover or gadgets cover, dependent on the items in question. If you itemise your contents clearly, you can be sure you have the cover you need. Your policy may also have a single-item limit and you need to check this covers your most expensive possession.

Accidental Damage Cover

Not all basic buildings insurance policies include accidental damage cover, so you should be sure to take a look at all policies in depth before choosing. Accidental damage would cover incidents such as cars crashing into your home or damage to the drains or pipes, or even windows. It is important to check policies in full before committing to anything, so you can be sure you have cover should the worst happen.

Considering your Excess

A higher insurance excess typically means your premium price is lower. This can be useful if you don’t plan to claim for low amounts and are only keeping the insurance in place for significant claims. It is important to weigh up the cost of your excess against the monthly or annual premium you are hoping to budget for.

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