A recent study carried out by Enteprise Nation found there are 2.9m “homepreneurs” in the United Kingdom, adding £40bn to local economics. The benefits for both the country and the individual from those working from home are huge. Once you make the decision to run your business from home though, there are still some boxes to tick. You need to protect your livelihood and one element of this is ensuring you have adequate home business insurance.

Protect your Home Business

Working from home is a privilege for many and something many others wish they can do. However, the semi-casual attitude involved in working from home means sometimes some of the more practical elements of running a business get overlooked. Insurance is one of these elements. Your home business needs as much protection as any other, so it requires home business insurance. Dependent on the nature of business different types of cover may be necessary but working with no insurance at all can be a real risk.

What should my Home Business Insurance cover?

Home business insurance may need to cover many different things dependent on the nature of your business. The first thing to consider is your home and contents policy, which probably does not account for any specific contents relating to your business. Some other common elements of a home business insurance policy include:

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is essential if you will have clients visiting your home. It covers any compensation which may be due should they fall ill, be injured or their property damaged while at your home. This isn’t a very common form of policy for homeworkers, but it is still worth considering.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This is the most important kind of cover for home businesses. If your business offers advice or professional services to others, then professional indemnity insurance is vital. It will cover you should a client suffer financial or professional loss due to negligence in your advice or service.

Business Buildings Insurance

As your business is based in your home, it may be wise to consider additional buildings insurance. This ensures that your home is protected financially should a fire, flood or other natural disaster occur.

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