The job of a ground worker is incredibly varied. Furthermore, it comes with several unique risks that can invalidate a regular insurance policy. With the interesting and versatile job of a ground worker, it is essential to have the right level of insurance that is as flexible as the job. With insurance for ground workers, you can enjoy the convenience of a single policy that protects you from all of the risks being a ground worker may bring.

What Insurance For Ground Workers Includes

Insurance for ground workers can be incredibly flexible depending on your requirements and personal situation. However, there are some key elements in ground worker insurance;

Public liability – Protect individuals who may suffer injury or damage to property as a result of your work with public liability insurance. Typically, public liability insurance will cover at least £1 million. However, ground workers tend to increase the cover to £5 million due to the potential risks of the work.

Employers’ liability – It is a legal requirement to have employer’s liability insurance if you have staff. This includes casual workers and temporary staff. Much like public liability insurance, this will cover you if staff make a claim. This could be due to injury, illness or damage as a result of working for you.

Personal accident – There are many hazards for ground workers. Furthermore, if you sustain an injury during a job that makes you unable to work you could lose income and have to pay for medical costs. Personal accident insurance will provide cover for serious injuries provide money for income and to cover any medical costs too.

There are many other cover options that you can include to make your ground workers insurance. All of which can make the policy more tailored to your needs. Aspects such as tool insurance and business equipment insurance may prove useful.

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