Every consultancy business is unique. Furthermore, every consultant operates differently. With this in mind, it is essential to have consultant insurance that is specifically tailored to the work you do. Content insurance not only protects you and your business, but it also protects your clients who rely on you. As you rely on your clients too, it is wise to protect both of you.

Content insurance can cover a range of policies. However, instead of having a range of different plans to keep track of, with consultant insurance you have one premium, one renewal date and one set of documents. You can be sure to have the specific coverage you need, with less of the hassle.

What’s Included In Consultant Insurance?

As each consultancy is different, policymakers will design consultant insurance to suit your individual needs. However common areas of coverage include;

Public liability insurance – This protects you if a client, supplier or member of the public suffers property damage or injury because of your business.

Professional indemnity insurance – This can protect you and your client if they suffer financial loss because of your work for them.

Business contents insurance – This covers your equipment and content should they be stolen or suffer damage. You can read more about business contents insurance here.

What To Check With Consultant Insurance

It is important to read your policy documents carefully and to amend any issues you see straight away. It is essential that your insurance provides adequate coverage, so make sure you know the full costs of items you are covering when you ask for a quote.

Finally, some businesses will ask that you have a specific level of professional indemnity insurance in place before you work with them. You are usually able to increase your cover throughout your policy for a small fee.

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