Building contractors face many risks in their jobs and sites can be hazardous. For all building contractors, it is essential to eliminate as many hazards as possible to reduce the risk of harm. While it is important to be as well-prepared and safe as possible, accidents and unforeseen events can happen. For these slip-ups and situations, it is vital to have building contractors insurance in place.

What Does Building Contractors Insurance Do?

Building contractors insurance helps to protect contractors from the risks associated with the site and work. A tailored insurance policy for your business needs will give you the financial protection and to cover the cost of issues that could potentially devastate your business. For building contractors, a single mistake could spell disaster, but with insurance in place, you know help is at hand.

What Does Building Contractors Insurance Include?

You can tailor building contractors insurance to suit the specific needs of your business. Typically, aspects of insurance for building contractors include;

Public Liability – Protect injuries or damage to third-parties as a result of your work or site. This can protect anyone who isn’t involved in your business but suffers damage, injury or loss as a result of it.

Employer’s Liability – This is a legal requirement for businesses who employ staff or contractors for a job. This provides cover in case a worker claims damages if they suffer injury or damage to property while working for you.

All Risks – All risks can protect your business if the job you are working on suffers damage before completion. As the name suggests, it covers all risks to a building contractor, such as theft and damage.

Personal Accident – This protects the business owner with regular income if they face an injury or are sick and cannot work. Typically, this only comes into force after seven days of illness or injury.

There are also many other aspects you can include in your cover such as legal expenses, professional indemnity and financial loss insurance.

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