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The security industry is one of the higher risk sectors in the business world, so it is more important than ever you have the right insurance cover. Security company insurance is available through Just Quote Me and each insurance package is unique and dependent on the requirements of the individual business and what exactly they’re providing security for. It also depends on the size of the business and whether works are employed or self-employed.

Working in the security industry is a risky choice, and whether you’re a single self-employed security officer or a larger company, insurance is extremely important. The size of the operation and kind of premises a company covers are key to arranging the right level of insurance, so the more information any company can provide, the better.

What does Security Company Insurance Include?

Every company is unique and so is every security company insurance policy. Packages are bespoke and incorporate elements relevant to the specific duties and security provided by any given business. Security company insurance may typically include:

  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Loss of keys insurance
  • Wrongful arrest cover
  • Misuse of telephones/gadgets cover
  • Inefficacy cover

We recommend all security professionals consider inefficacy cover as essential. This type of cover protects your business against claims of failing to perform. It is almost unique for the industry. It provides employees and the company with protection, should the customer allege they didn’t act appropriately in handling a security issue or threat. Inefficacy is debatable and in the heat of an incident, is very hard to guard against, therefore insurance becomes even more vital. Also, it ensures you can trust your staff and avoid any unnecessary confrontation.

Your Security Company Insurance Quote

We can arrange your security company insurance and provide quotes the instant you get in touch with us. We are highly experienced in working with the security industry. All insurance premiums available are tailored specifically to the needs of the individual business.

Get in touch today to discuss your business, its activities and the types of cover you need. We are only too willing to talk through your options and find the right insurance cover for your security business.