Home insurance is a significant investment which cannot be avoided. Your home is probably the most expensive thing you own and therefore it needs and deserves protecting. The right home insurance is entirely dependent on the type of property you live in and what you want to spend. Comparing the home insurance market helps to ensure you get the best value policy for your needs.

You will find great variation in what home insurance policies offer so taking the time to go through a proper comparison ensures the best product for your circumstances. You can compare home insurance with Just Quote Me with ease.

What is Home Insurance?

It probably seems like a very basic question but there are different elements to a home insurance policy.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is cover for the physical fabric or makeup of your home, including its fixtures and fittings. It protects this part of the home against disasters and events such as fire, storm and flood. Almost all mortgage providers will expect you to have buildings insurance before giving you approval.

Accidental damage and unforeseen emergencies are not usually covered by standard buildings insurance. You may need to look into home emergency cover as an addition to your regular policy.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance refers to cover for your possessions within your home. The things you take with you when you move into a new property such as your furniture, kitchen appliances, home entertainment systems and similar. It will also cover valuables up to a stated limit.

As with buildings insurance, contents insurance varies from provider to provider. Not all people choose to have both policies together, but this is a common option. When you compare home insurance you can look at the best value way of getting both types of insurance.

Compare Home Insurance with Just Quote Me

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