People who work from home or run their own home businesses reap many benefits. The lure of working from your own space without interruption attracts many more people each year. Your commute is no more than a few steps and you can be working productively at hours of your choosing. Home businesses are still professional outfits and should be treated as such. This means considering the legal implications of your work and the financial impact they could have. Home business insurance is an investment all homeworkers should consider.

Do you really need Home Business Insurance?

Whether you run a company from home or are self-employed you are responsible for all the equipment you use for your business at home. Home business insurance can provide cover for your business equipment. If you work from home, you need to let your home and contents insurers know too as it can impact on that policy. This makes it even more essential you look at specialise home business insurance for your business’ assets.

Home Business Insurance Cover

Most home business insurance policies will offer cover for equipment loss and damage, but you may want to consider other elements too. When creating your policy you should be able to pick and choose the elements which best suit your business and this could incorporate:

  1. Public liability insurance: even if you work from home you might need cover should a member of the public claim against your home business for injury or damage.
  2. Employers’ liability insurance: some people who work from home take on employees. This means employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement.
  3. Accidental damage cover: this allows for quick replacement of damaged equipment and may be necessary if you rely on particular equipment to work and fulfil client orders.
  4. Commercial car insurance: while your business is based at home you may travel to visit clients. Commercial car insurance is necessary in this instance.

At Just Quote Me we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. This includes many self-employed people and those running businesses from home. Contact us today to discuss your insurance requirements.