Personal possessions can be the most valuable thing for many people and the idea of losing or damaging a treasured item can even be traumatic. When at home, most of our personal belongings are protected by home contents insurance but what about otherwise and what about specialist items?

Personal possessions or personal belongings insurance covers your personal items against loss, damage or theft outside the home. The items covered varies vastly from policy to policy but as we all carry much more expensive items, from smartphones to watches, than before, it is an increasingly important type of insurance to consider.

What does Personal Belongings Insurance Cover?

Policies for personal belongings insurance vary greatly but you can find policies covering all kinds of items from laptops to smartphones to tablets and cameras. Policies may cover your wallet, purse, keys, jewellery and even clothing. Some policies will also cover more specialist items such as bicycles, musical instruments and specialist equipment. The key thing with personal belongings insurance is making a true and accurate list of the possessions you want to be covered under the policy, otherwise you may not be able to make a claim.

Don’t forget to consider your excess

When you make a personal belongings insurance claim, there is usually an excess to pay. It is important to check this in advance. Make sure you find a quote which has an excess payment you are happy with. You may want a higher excess level because it can reduce the cost of your premium. Be aware the excess does need to be paid should a claim be made.

Personal Belongings Insurance Caveats

Not all items are covered by this kind of insurance. Crucially, you need to remember to include that itinerary of items for your insurer. This kind of insurance may not cover:

  • Cash amounts of more than £500
  • Very valuable items, usually in excess of £1000 – these may need individual policies of their own
  • Expensive specialist equipment such as sports goods, especially if it is damaged during regular or intended use

Just Quote Me Personal Belongings Insurance Quotes

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