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As the summer season sets in, shops get busier and trade increases. As a sandwich shop owner, you need to be ready both for more custom and the risk this brings. Owners of shops of any kind, especially one serving food, you need adequate insurance in place. Sandwich shop insurance policies are tailored exactly to your needs and ensure you are protected financially against a range of unexpected eventualities.

Sandwich shop insurance takes into account that you deal with the public, may run a commercial kitchen with sharp utensils and equipment and also have employees. Insurance policies typically include:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Content and stock cover
  • Goods in Transit cover
  • Business interruption cover

There may be additional insurances you want to consider such as food hygiene ratings insurance and each policy will be tailored to the unique nature of your business.

Why do you need Sandwich Shop Insurance?

Most types of insurance are not a legal requirement. However, it is dangerous and risky to work without insurance in place. As a shop owner there are a range of financial risks you should mitigate against. From theft to electrical faults causing stock spoilage, footing the bill after an emergency is not something any business wants to do.

Protecting yourself from financial loss is the most sensible thing to do as a business looking to succeed and prosper. Only employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. The other types help guarantee your business financially should an unexpected accident, injury or event occur. It is worth remembering should a member of the public or third party make a claim against your business due to an accident or injury, there is the risk of both compensation payments and legal costs. Without insurance most small businesses find this kind of financial burden too hard to deal with.

Sandwich Shop Insurance Quotes with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me is proud to be a business insurance specialist. We support and advise many businesses in their options for insurance, including sandwich shop owners. We appreciate the individual nature of all businesses and are ready and waiting to discuss your requirements and help find the right sandwich shop insurance quotes for you. Contact us today to begin your application.