As a very specific type of business, recruitment agencies require specific and tailored insurance. Recruitment agency insurance is designed to cover the specific risks involved in this kind of business. As a specialist kind of insurance you can expect the insurance companies offering quotes to have in-depth knowledge of the particular risks facing the industry.

Recruitment agency insurance often needs to cover more than the risk of negligence claims that come as a result of accident of injury. We’ll look at this in more depth below.

Protecting your Advice and Guidance with Recruitment Agency Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is one of the most important elements of a recruitment agency insurance policy. This type of cover will provide financial support should your business need to defend allegations of professional negligence. This could include things such as advice and guidance given when supporting clients into employment. It covers the cost of the damages should you be unsuccessful, as well as your legal costs.

Essential Cover for Recruitment Businesses

Recruitment agencies should also consider other types of insurance for their business. Cover such as public liability insurance is covered in almost all policies. You may also want to consider more specific covers such as directors’ insurance or office insurance, dependent on the size of the business.

Unless your recruitment agency operates independently with you as the only employee then you will need employers’ liability insurance to comply with UK law. Employers’ liability insurance is mandatory for all businesses which employee one person or more. It provides cover should an employee or former employee make a claim against your business for accident, injury or illness caused by their work for you.

Recruitment Agency Insurance with Just Quote Me

Professional and experienced, the Just Quote Me team works with businesses of all sizes, from all backgrounds. We help recruitment businesses find the right tailored insurance quotes for their needs and provide a range of options where possible, allowing business owners to make a considered decision. You can find out more and discuss your specific business needs with our team via our contact page.