Even the most dedicated farmers will admit the industry has been on a downward curve, with diversification and other streams of income key to many farmers’ businesses now. However, the right insurance is absolutely key to protect your business, and specialist farm insurance should be arranged on an individual basis.

No two farms are even slightly the same which is why farm insurance is unique to you. We appreciate the modern outlook for the farming industry is very different to ten or twenty years ago and can help source and organise policies to reflect this.

 What Does Farm Insurance Cover?

What do you need your farm insurance to cover? Tailored insurance to cover your working farm or smallholding can incorporate cover for your machinery, vehicles and buildings. Livestock farmers can also have specific elements relating to their animals including loss of strays, theft, transit issues, fire and even electrocution.

Multi-vehicle use is common on most farms, you may have a range of vehicles from cars to vans to tractors and agricultural vehicles. It is possible to group farm vehicles together under single insurance policies and there are options for trailer cover too. Equally, single vehicle policies are possible for smaller businesses. The beauty of a personalised farm insurance policy is that it can reflect your business’ size and grow or shrink as it does.

Diversification and Additional Cover

As mentioned many farms have had to diversify into new areas to maintain a solid income. This could mean allowing visitors, opening petting zoos, cafes and more. With additional streams of business come additional risks. You may need to consider cover such as public liability insurance when inviting guests onto your premises and tailored policies have your business’ specific risks in mind.

Farm Insurance with Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me we can discuss your individual business needs in depth before looking at your options. We appreciate that every farm is unique and therefore your farm insurance policy may well be too. Get in touch today to discuss your business and its needs.