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Heavy plant machinery may be essential to your business. Some of the most vital equipment for your business comes with specific risks and these risks need covering with specialist heavy plant insurance. Specialist heavy plant insurance will cover high-risk vehicles in your fleet. Usually it will cover vehicles such as forklifts, cherry pickers, bulldozers and diggers, but it can also cover more specialist vehicles too.

High Risk of Plant Machinery

Plant machinery is essential in many industries from construction to farming to warehouse management, but it comes with considerable risks when compared to other kinds of equipment. Common hazards which plant machinery is exposed to include:

  • Security and safety issues (risk of theft)
  • Wear and tear (damage through the natural elements)
  • Boom collapse in cranes (mechanical or lifting failure)
  • Overturning on rugged/unknown terrain

Heavy Plant Insurance Tailored to your Machinery

Some businesses require very specialist machinery. Machinery such as tar sprayers, cranes, rotary tillers and snow ploughs require the right insurance for the financial protection of your business. Whether you have a single piece of machinery or a whole fleet, heavy plant insurance helps to protect your business from any risks.

Heavy plant insurance isn’t just available for vehicles and machinery you own. For leased equipment you may also need to arrange your own insurance and that can be arranged for you too. Requirements are quite specific which is why we recommend getting in touch directly, so we can discuss your needs.

Finding Heavy Plant Insurance

You may need a range of different types of insurance for your machinery and it may all be included in a single policy. It could incorporate elements such as protection from theft and damage, but some may also come with public liability insurance included. This ensures protection should the plant be involved in damage to a third party or their property and can be invaluable should an accident occur.

Just Quote Me work with many professionals who both own and hire heavy plant machinery. We can help arrange and discuss your heavy plant insurance quotes, so just get in touch as soon as you’re ready.


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