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If you’re the owner of a stately home, either as your private residence or for business purposes, then you’ll know just how special it is. Whether it’s a listed building or not, your stately home will require a special kind of insurance. All properties of this nature are unique and so each stately home insurance policy is unique too.

Specialist heritage insurance professionals look to provide state home insurance to suit properties of all types. An insurance policy will need to be designed for your specific requirements. At Just Quote Me we deal with property owners of all backgrounds with a wide range of different properties. Owning a stately home comes with many challenges and ensuring your insurance policy is sound shouldn’t be one.

Bespoke Stately Home Insurance

Your stately home needs unique cover to suit its particular background, history, estate and any additional elements. Some stately homes may have paddocks and additional out buildings for example, whereas others may not. Some may have thatched cottages or similar on their land while others won’t. The unique features of your property and its land will play a role in the bespoke stately home insurance policy created for you.

Stately home insurance can include the following types of cover:

  • Buildings cover
  • Contents cover
  • Business interruption cover (should your property be used for business purposes)
  • Legal expenses (as above)

It is even possible to get support and advice from specialists such as architects, fine art specialists and antique experts when assessing the level of cover needed for the property in question. The more information you can provide the better for getting a fully fitting insurance policy.

Stately Home Insurance with Just Quote Me

Our professional insurance advisors work with business owners as well as those looking for personal insurance all day, every day. Our experience allows us to help you find the right cover for your property, taking into account its unique features. Contact us today to arrange cover for your stately home.