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Running a modern business does come with a certain degree of admin but once you get it right, the hard work is over. Of course you need to review policies and procedures but once the initial task is complete, the process is much quicker. Employers’ liability insurance is one of those necessary requirements for almost all businesses.

If an individual within your team or on your payroll suffers accident, injury or illness which they blame your business for, they could make a claim for compensation. These claims can quickly become costly and without insurance, you face having to cover the costs yourself. For many businesses the financial impact is devastating, so employers’ liability insurance is a must.

Do I Need Employers Liability Insurance?

In almost all cases the answer is yes. If you have people working for your business on any basis then you must have employers’ liability insurance. It is a mandatory legal requirement in UK law for any business with employees.

This is the case whether you work in a hazardous injury such as farming or simply run an office. The requirement remains the same.

What will my Employers Liability Insurance Cover?

Employers’ liability insurance protects your business against the financial risks that come from accident or injury to employees. Your policy will cover the financial cost ensuring any claims do not impact on the capital in your business. If you are deemed liable for any compensation claim your insurance will cover the costs. This allows your employee or ex-employee to continue with their lives and should allow your business to run as usual.

Employers Liability Insurance with Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me we employ only experienced insurance professionals. They can help talk through your employers’ liability quotes and ensure you have the right level of cover to suit the size, scale and risk factor of your business. Call us today to discuss your business needs.