If you have a thatched roof, your business will be harder to insure. However, the charm and beauty of a traditional thatched pub keeps the punters coming and can be a great business investment. You do need specialist thatched pub insurance to mitigate against the higher risks that come with this kind of property. A thatched roof will limit the range of insurers you can choose between, but it doesn’t stop you from finding insurance altogether.

The fire risk of thatched rooves is often in the news and owning this kind of property does come with additional risks.

Specialist Thatched Pub Insurance

Most pub owners will compare different thatched pub insurance options before making a decision. This is best practice as you may find varying costs, although all specialist insurance is more expensive than a standard policy. Best practices in maintaining and mitigating the fire risk will also work in your favour.

Fire isn’t the only risk with a thatched roof, although it is the main consideration for most insurers. Thatched pub insurance should also provide cover for situations such as nesting and infestation form birds or rodents. You may also get cover for the risk of high winds or similar damaging the property.

Thatching isn’t a weak and short-lived roofing option though. A good quality, well-thatched roof should last fifty years or more, offering full weather resistance.

Minimising the Fire Risks of a Thatched Roof

Fire precautions are essential in all businesses but especially when you have the added risk of a thatched roof. Best practice recommends:

  1. Placing smoke detectors in the roof space and at key locations around the pub
  2. Have the electrics and chimneys checked regularly be a qualified professional
  3. Ensure fire-resistant barriers are in place for your thatching
  4. Ensure all thatching is coated in fire-retardant spray

Thatched Pub Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me works with businesses of all shapes and sizes. We help many different kinds of pub and bar owner find the right insurance they need. We recognise the specific needs of a thatched pub and can help you secure a policy which fully suits your needs.

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