As a classic car owner, it’s likely you have a real passion for vehicles and you should want to keep them safe. As the owner and driver of a classic car (or several) you want to treat your luxury vehicle with the respect it deserves. Classic cars need specialist insurance to protect them against damage in accidents or similar. Classic car insurance is not a one size fits all option, but it can be tailored to your car’s requirements.

Defining Classic Cars

Classic car insurance is specific to a certain type of car. Typically, premiums are lower than standard car insurance but only on cars which are defined as classic. Insurers define classic in different ways. Usually a classic car will need to be at least 15 to 20 years old and must retain some monetary value.

Some insurers define classics cars as those who have an owners’ club dedicated to them, but this isn’t always the place.

Comparing Classic Car Insurance

Accurate comparisons of classic car insurance are difficult to find. At Just Quote Me we will work with you to find the best quotes suitable for your vehicle. Classic car insurance policies are typically tailormade to suit the owner and the vehicle, but you should expect the following types of cover:

  • Authentic replacement parts: your cover should allow for the purchase of authentic replacements during repairs
  • Value alteration: classic cars change in value over time so the policy should reflect this and allow you to update it as required
  • Laid-up cover: some classic car insurance policies will incorporate an easy option to switch to “laid-up mode”. This allows you to easily keep your car insured if it in storage or off the road long term.

Classic Car Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me work with car owners from all walks of life. We appreciate the love and care that goes into owning and running a classic car and will work with you to find classic car insurance to suit your usage and your vehicle. Contact us today to discuss your options.