Many small businesses owners believe cyber attacks won’t happen to them. Hackers, cyber criminals and other online fraudsters only care about big business. This is far from the truth. No company of any size can afford to ignore the risks of cyber-crime. Your business needs to take cyber-crime seriously and you need to consider cyber insurance for your business.

Cyber attacks take place every four seconds in the UK, according to ONS statistics, and there are millions of computer crime attacks reported every year. Cyber-crime can result in monetary loss for your business, downtime which can affect income and serious reputational damage. Cyber insurance will help protect your business financially should an attack take place.

Cyber Insurance for Businesses

This type of insurance will provide financial protection should a cyber attack affect your business. There are policies at all cover levels scalable to the smallest businesses, as well as much larger companies. Your cover will depend on the quote you accept but it should include:

  • Data breach protection
  • Cyber liability compensation claim cover
  • Business interruption cover
  • Downtime/business losses cover
  • Hardware and data repair cover

All policies also incorporate forensic investigation and IT support, allowing for a closer look at what has happened. This type of insurance is incredibly specialist and can be daunting if you have little or no experience of IT and computer-related issues. It is easy to ignore cyber-crime, but if it effects your business, you won’t be able to.

Cyber Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me operates a lot of its business online so we know just how important cyber insurance is. Even single-person businesses shouldn’t think they are immune to cyber-crime. Our experienced insurance experts will work with you to find suitable quotes. You can then explore your options and find the right level of cover for your business.

Please get in touch with us today to discuss your business needs and to go over your cyber insurance quote options