Working in construction is one of the most high-risk occupations and this increases further when you begin working at height. Roofers are a prime example of workers who put themselves in high risk positions every day. The unique nature of this role means insurers offer specialised roofers insurance for your peace of mind and safety. Many insurers offer a select range of different covers under a single policy for your convenience too. At Just Quote Me we can provide a range of roofers insurance quotes to give you plenty of choice.

Arranging your Roofers Insurance

You may or may not know the type of insurance cover you need within your roofers insurance policy. Most roofers will want their cover to include:

  • Public liability insurance: the key type of insurance for most businesspeople. Public liability insurance protects your business against the costs of a claim made by a third party. Whether they claim they were injured due to your work or that their property was damaged.
  • Employers’ liability insurance: this type of insurance is the only compulsory kind in the UK. If you have a single employee, even on a casual or temporary basis, you must have employers’ liability insurance. It provides financial protection when an employee or ex-employee makes a claim of injury or illness due to working for you.
  • Tool and machinery insurance: the equipment used in your every day work can be expensive and if it is damaged or stolen, your business it at risk. Tools, plant and/or machinery insurance provides financial compensation should either theft or accidental damage occur.
  • Personal accident insurance: the high risks of working at height as a roofer make personal accident insurance a popular addition to roofers insurance policies. It will provide financial cover for lost earnings and medical costs after serious injury.

The types of insurance relevant to your business will be unique. Furthermore, you must consider other elements of the business too. Some contractors may want to look at more comprehensive policies for a wider range of construction workers. Sometimes it seems like investing in additional insurance cover is just another way of spending valuable business capital. However, if a claim is made against you, you’ll be happy the cover was in place.

Roofers Insurance with Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me, you will deal with our specialist insurance advisors from day one. All advisors are dedicated to finding the best quotes for every client. We regularly work with construction companies and individuals providing a choice of insurance options for them. This includes many high-risk workers, such as those looking for roofers insurance. We appreciate every business has individual needs and can discuss your requirements before looking at quotes if you simply request a call back. Alternatively you can contact us directly through our website.