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Horses are amongst the most expensive pets on the market. Many are more than just pets and become lifelong friends. The costs of keeping a horse are high but it is imperative you invest in horse insurance to protect your pet. Vets bills for horses can easily run into the thousands and so without the right insurance your pet could become extremely expensive.

Whether it’s known as horse insurance, equine insurance or even equestrian insurance, it’s the same thing. You need appropriate cover for your horse if you want to protect yourself financially. It also ensures you can look after your pet responsibly and cover any costs that come with looking after your horse should it become ill.

There are different kinds of horse insurance available and it can be a little more complex than a standard pet insurance policy.

Your Horse Insurance Policy

Horses can be insured from a few weeks old, but you will need to customise your policy to suit your need. Most standard horse insurance policies will provide a basic level of cover which pays out should your horse be stole, stray or unfortunately pass away. There are other elements you may want for your policy too, including:

Vet Bill Cover

Vets bill cover is a key element of a horse insurance policy which most people look for. Bills can be very high should your horse be ill or injured. Without horse insurance in place, how would you cover a large vets bill?

Dental Cover

Horses’ teeth often cause them quite a lot of trouble. Specific dental cover for horses is often available as you may find their dental bills become expensive.

Veteran Horse Cover

You may find you need a specific policy for an older horse. Older horses are more susceptible to health problems, so you may find it is more expensive. It is still essential you protect your horse, whatever their age.

At Just Quote Me we are experts in helping all of our customers find the right insurance for their needs. Make sure your beloved pet is fully protected with quality horse insurance, with our help.