Research carried about by consumer group Which shows UK home insurance prices are on the rise. Premiums for home insurance in October 2017 were 8.5% more than they had been in the previous year. This shows just how important it is to compare quotes online, shop around and find the best possible home insurance policy for your family.

Although it isn’t strictly mandatory you have home insurance, you will find it hard to get a mortgage without one. Almost all mortgages include a clause which states home insurance is necessary. Homeowners therefore, need to explore their options, compare home insurance quotes online and find the best possible policy for their needs.

What will your Home Insurance Policy cover?

There are many different levels and types of home insurance. There is a basic level of cover in almost all policies and you will probably find that it will cover different compensation types for different types of accident, incident or cause. Your home insurance policy is likely to cover damage and loss caused by incidents such as earthquake damage, fire damage, malicious damage and explosion damage. It may also cover oil leaks from the heating system, vehicle or animal impact damage and damage caused by falling trees.

Policies may also feature further clauses which allow for compensation for issues such as damage caused by shoddy workmanship or even general wear and tear. You will find home insurance has a personal liability element too – protecting you should someone be injured in your home and attempt to claim for compensation for negligence on your part.

Online Home Insurance Quotes with Just Quote Me

Home insurance is an essential investment for many of us. Therefore, it is important to spend time finding the right policy, at the right price. With prices increasing it is more important than ever that you spend time checking quotes online. This increases your chance of finding a good quote. At Just Quote Me our expert insurance specialists can help you find the best quote for your home. We can also go through your options with you.

If you have any questions, want to discuss your home or anything else at all you can contact Just Quote Me directly or you can request a call back today.