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Plant and Machinery Insurance

Whether your business owns a huge volume of plant machinery or you work on a hire basis, plant and machinery insurance is essential. Whatever trade you work in or whether you’re a building contractor working from site to site, you need plant to be able to carry out your work effectively. Whether your own or hired, your plant and machinery is high risk and there is the very real chance it may be damaged or stolen. When this happens, there is of course the financial loss involved in replacing anything stolen and repairing anything damaged, and this can get expensive. Plant and machinery insurance will cover these costs in many instances and when you compare quotes online with Just Quote Me you can find the right level of cover for your equipment and your business.

Covering your Plant and Machinery

Plant and machinery insurance will cover a wide range of different machinery including diggers, dozers, concrete mixers and cherry pickers. You will find policies specific to some machinery such as telehandlers and excavators but most businesses opt for a cover all style policy and check their particular machinery is covered by the policy.

Hired Plant and Machinery Insurance

If your business hires all its plant then you can be sure the hire contract includes a clause stating you are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the machinery. You are responsible for keeping the machinery in good condition and ensuring it is secure. Hired plant and machinery insurance coves your legal liability to the hiring company. It will pay compensation for any damage to the plant and will also cover legal costs, if and when this is necessary.

Owned Plant and Machinery Insurance

When you invest in your own plant and machinery then it’s entirely up to you how you use it or treat it, you can do what you want. However, the investment in this kind of equipment is significant so it stands to reason you want it kept in the best possible condition and protected should the worst happen. Getting plant and machinery insurance for your own equipment makes good sense to anyone looking to protect their business. If your plant or machinery was stolen or damaged would you have the capital to fix or replace it? With insurance you don’t need to worry about this question.

Adding plant and machinery insurance to your policy makes good sense for many businesses. You can discuss your requirements and compare quotes online at Just Quote Me today.

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