Your office is the hub of your business and where all the important stuff happens. With this in mind investing in a good level of office insurance is vital for the successful business. Most office insurance policies have three key elements:

  • Protection of your premises and equipment
  • Protection of your staff and customers
  • Financial support should their be a pause in trading

The level of cover you need in each area will depend on many different business factors and the overall cost too will be effected in this way. However, Just Quote Me can organise your office insurance from just £225 a year, giving you that extra level of protection and peace of mind for your business.

Office Insurance Cover

Office insurance cover may factor in many different elements but most policies will include:

Public Liability Insurance

For protection of your business and your customers. Public liability insurance cover loss, damage or injury to third parties in your office and in its immediate area such as private car parks etc.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

A compulsory requirement if you have a single employee. The legal minimum of employers’ liability insurance is £5m and ensures your business is prepared should an employee or ex-employee sue for compensation.

Office Buildings and Contents Insurance

If you own the building your office is in then you need buildings insurance to protect it. Office contents insurance is essential if you rent your offices unfurnished as it protects your equipment and other ‘contents’ essential to your business including shelving, desks, furniture etc. Unless you rent a furnished office then contents insurance should be a real consideration.

Business Interruption Insurance

If your office is damaged, ruined or becomes unusable, business interruption insurance will keep your rent paid as well as other overheads such as wages and expenses which still need to be paid despite the interruption of your business duties.

Just Quote Me can arrange office insurance for practically any business. As mentioned our prices are competitive and if you get in touch today we will quickly and efficiently help find the right solution for your business.