If your business has any contact with members of the public then investing in public liability insurance is a smart choice. This type of insurance protects your business if it is sued for injuries or damage. Almost every type of business will have some contact with the public so almost every type of business needs public liability insurance.

Are your Legally Required to have Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement. However, many businesses recognise its value and have it protect them from the costs of compensation. What’s more, many business associations and groups will not accept members who do not have an appropriate level of public liability insurance. This can also be the case with contracts and you may find clients will only work with you if you have a good level of public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance is a good investment for businesses who:

  • Have customers visiting their premises such as shops and restaurants
  • Work on client sites such as tradesmen entering homes and business premises
  • Work in public, such as in construction, where there is a risk to passers by

Public liability insurance is not something you have to have but could your business really handle the cost of a compensation claim? For many businesses, it would mean the end of operations and closure and the cost of insurance is very minimal when you consider this outcome.

Public Liability Insurance with Just Quote Me

Getting in contact with Just Quote Me is one way of ensuring you have a choice of public liability insurance options. Our team will work with you to find the best value and most appropriate quote for your business. The level of public liability insurance you require will depend on many factors and we can discuss your options with you before you need to make a decision. Contact us today to discuss your business and public liability requirements.