The fitness industry in the UK is booming. Year on year it grows and there are nearly 7000 individual fitness facilities in the UK. There are also over 9 million memberships. Working in the fitness industry can be fun and motivating but it is still business and needs to be treated as such. Gym and health club insurance is essential for a successful business and helps protect you should the worst happen on your premises or to your clients.

Protecting your Business and your Clients

Gyms are high risk environments. The risk of injury and accident when using equipment, free weights and more is obviously high. Your business needs to be ready for the worst. This means ensuring you have adequate gym and health club insurance in place should an accident occur and you be found negligible. Gym and health club insurance may also cover other important things such as professional indemnity and employer’s liability. Professional indemnity insurance is a sound investment if advice is key to your role and in fitness businesses, this is often the case. Employer’s liability insurance is an essential investment if you employ even a single person. The only kind of insurance which is a legal requirement, employer’s liability protects you should an employee or ex-employee make a claim due to accident or illness they blame on working for your business.

Gym and health club insurance is unique to each business. No two policies will be identical as all businesses have their own concerns and focuses.

Gym and Health Club Insurance with Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me we work with many clients to find and invest in the right insurance package for their businesses. We work with fitness industry professionals regularly helping to secure the right gym and health club insurance for their businesses. We help you to secure the best possible gym and health club insurance for your business.

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