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Driving uninsured is one thing but it is equally important to ensure your caravan is insured before you attach it to the back of your car. Millions of Brits love a caravanning holiday. If you’re lucky enough to own your own then the summer season is bound to be your favourite. Making the most of your holiday is easier if you make sure you’re fully prepared and this includes ensuring you have appropriate caravan insurance in place.

Is there a law relating to Caravan Insurance?

Motorhomes which your drive along are classed as self-propelling vehicles and so must definitely be insured. They need a minimum of third-party vehicle insurance. A towed caravan is a different matter but it is still highly recommended for your safety that you have a good level of caravan insurance. Your caravan is a significant investment, imagine trying to deal with the costs if it is damaged or stolen. The cost of caravan insurance is more than worthwhile in these situations.

Your car insurance will only cover towing of a small trailer usually so it is unlikely to be enough to cover your caravan. Of course, before investing in caravan insurance you can ring your vehicle insurer to be safe.

Arranging Specialist Caravan Insurance

At Just Quote Me we can help ensure you get the right level of caravan insurance. Specialist caravan insurance takes into account many different factors and may cover many different things including:

  • New for old replacement cover
  • European travel cover
  • Loss of use cover
  • Accident damage cover
  • Theft
  • Legal expenses cover

This is just an example of what may be available but it will vary from case to case.

If you want to discuss your caravan insurance and get ready before you head out on the road, please contact us today.