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If you run a business and use a van for any purpose, from painting and decorating to floristry, you may have been approached about commercial van insurance. Your van is vital to your business, it is more than a simple domestic vehicle and therefore you need adequate professional insurance. This is what a comprehensive commercial van insurance policy provides. It also helps to ensure you have protection should the worst happen and your van be damaged or even stolen.

For success and smooth running of any business, commercial van insurance is a must. The right level of cover is something you need to assess however, and this is where Just Quote Me can help.

Your Commercial Van Insurance Cover

There are three standard levels of commercial van insurance:

  • Third party
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive cover

The minimum legal requirement you need to be on the road is third party. This cover ensures you are protected should there be any injury or damage to another person of their vehicle. It does not provide any protection for your own vehicle. Third party, fire and theft, as the name suggests, will also cover you should your vehicle be stolen or fire damaged.

Comprehensive commercial van insurance is the maximum cover you can get and often comes with great additional extras. Add-ons such as a courtesy vehicle or windscreen cover can be extremely useful for commercial van owners. What’s more, comprehensive insurance isn’t always a huge increase from third party insurance so it is worth the additional cost.

Multiple Commercial Van Insurance

In the instance that your business has more than one commercial vehicle or van, fleet insurance is a good idea. Many people make a saving even when they have just two commercial vehicles. They can opt for a small fleet insurance policy. You can discuss your specific business needs with us and we will advise the best option for your company and vehicles.