The UK has an ageing population, with over 17% of the population aged over 65 and as more people live longer, the requirement for quality residential care environments increases. Choosing to run a residential facility is a big task and something you should be passionate about. You also have to be committed to safety and this means investing in proper care home insurance.

Safe as Houses with Care Home Insurance

The main focus of your care home insurance should be protection and safety. You want everyone in your care as well as your staff and any third-party visitors to be safe and protected. Insurance protects against risks and helps you recognise the potential hazards in your workplace.

Public liability insurance is an essential part of your care home insurance policy. It protects you for any legal fees and damages which occur should a third party make a claim against you. This could be one of your residents, their visitors or any member of the public. Care homes have higher risk factors because of the frailty of many residents so slip and trip hazards and similar need to be even more of a focus than in other environments.

If you employ nurses or care workers or any staff at all, your care home insurance will also need an employer’s liability insurance element. This protects your business against claims made by employees.

Additional kinds of cover you may want to consider for your car home include:

Buildings and Contents Care Home Insurance

As a business, you will need specialist commercial property insurance. This is the case even if you live in the same property. Your contents and buildings insurance can be specifically tailored to the functions of your business.

Care Sector Insurance

Some specialist insurance providers do offer unique care sector insurance options, which can help ensure you have cover in areas you may not have considered.

At Just Quote Me we work with you to ascertain the specific requirements for your care home insurance. We can then make suggestions and ensure you have access to the best possible level of cover.