he night-time economy in the UK is worth billions of pounds. There are hundreds of popular clubs up and down the country. As the owner of one of these businesses you are probably all too aware of the costs and risks involved. Without the right club insurance, the risks are much more likely to cause an issue.

You need to prepare your business for all the potential risks it faces. This means making a considered decision with your club insurance and ensuring your business is fully protected. Some of the most common risks in the night club industry include:

  • Injuries to customers: if a customer suffers an injury they may claim it was due to negligence on the part of your club. With proper club insurance, including public liability cover, you are protected against the legal costs and potential compensation in this scenario.
  • Injuries to employees: if you employ anyone in your club then your club insurance must include employer’s liability insurance. Employees are at risk of accident and injury. You need to be covered in case they make a claim and suggest their injury was the fault of the business.
  • Damage to the venue: your venue may utilise a range of special equipment for your events and club nights. Specialist property and buildings insurance can be sought out and included in your club insurance so you have protection in the worst case scenarios.

Your business may be something you enjoy running as well as earn an income from but you have to treat it seriously. Both when it comes to protecting its future and your customers. The right club insurance is a protective measure for everyone in your business. It stops the worry and stress of finding cash, should there be an allegation or claim and the worst happen.

Just Quote Me Club Insurance

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