Pub Insurance

Running a pub is a unique experience and it has its own set of challenges. There are many different considerations to keep in mind at any one time but a priority amongst them must be ensuring you have a good level of pub insurance. Specialist pub insurance premiums will incorporate the tailored covers needed for your individual establishment. Different venues require different levels of cover and even different types of cover, which is why Just Quote Me is here to help to organise the right level of pub insurance for your site.

Although there are different requirements in every venue, the following kinds of pub insurance may make up part of your policy:

Public Liability Insurance for Pubs

You may need commercial property insurance as well as public liability insurance for your pub. However, public liability insurance protects your business should a third party or member of the public claim they were injured on your premises or because of it. It will also cover any claims made on the basis of your pub being responsible for damage to a third party’s property.

Employer’s Liability for Pubs

Almost every pub insurance policy will incorporate employer’s liability cover. Even if you only have one part-time staff member, employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement. It covers you should an employee make a claim against you. This could be due to an accident or injury or damage to their property.

Additional Pub Insurance Cover

You may require temporary or short-term entertainment and events insurance cover throughout the year. This will depend on the types of activity that take place at your pub. If you have specific events and entertainment planned, discuss it before choosing a policy as you may need additional covers. You may also want to consider contents insurance for the fixtures, fittings, equipment and stock in your pub. Pub contents insurance should cover you against a range of risks including storm damage, malicious damage and theft.

Specialist pub insurance gives you peace of mind. It protects your pub so you can get on with the day to day graft of running it. At Just Quote Me we are ready and waiting to help, simply get in touch today.

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