Operating a commercial business requires you to pass many legislative barriers and insurance is often one of these. If you have employees you are legally required to have specific commercial insurance in place and if you are a prudent and responsible business owner, you will also want other insurances in place. You put a great deal of time and money into your business so why not protect it? Adequate commercial insurance cover helps to protect your business, its employees and customers.

As specialists in business and commercial insurance, we know exactly how to provide the right protection for your business. We also work to ensure the best level of cover for your requirements. Many businesses opt for Commercial Combined Business Insurance as this works a little like a ‘pick and mix’ as you select the relevant covers for your individual business needs.

Tailored Commercial Insurance with Just Quote Me

Commercial insurance policies need to be comprehensive and fully tailored to your business. Commercial combined insurance brings together a range of business insurances in a single policy, making it easier to manage and understand. It can include any number of different individual covers such as:

  • Employers’ liability (a legal requirement if you have staff)
  • Public liability
  • Business interruption
  • Product liability
  • Legal expenses
  • Goods in transit
  • Material damage/theft

The insurances you need for your business are highly individual. It may be something you aren’t sure of without guidance and direct help. Our expert business and commercial insurance specialists can discuss your business operations, current setup and discuss potential covers you could need as part of your commercial insurance cover. Furthermore, our professional experiences speaks for itself. We work with a wide range of different businesses to ensure their commercial insurance fits their needs.

Meeting all the risks associated with the day to day running of your business should be a key priority. Commercial insurance adds a valuable layer of protection for your business. Similarly, appropriate insurance can also be key to winning more business. Many industry associations and even potential clients may expect a certain level of cover before they are willing to work with your business.

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